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2024 (Downloadable Schedule)

(no particular order cos editing rows are hard… Updated June 17, 2024)

3. Retirement Rage (Black)433111815+3
4. Least of the East (White)45191519-4
1. Geri-Hattricks (Blue)613153119 +12
6. Hot Flashes (Red)17241426-12
5. Golden Girls (Gold)45191417-3
2. Queens of the Ice Age (Green)433112113+8
Tie Breakers: Wins, Goals For, Goal Difference.

Teamwork StandingsUnique Scorers%Scorers
Retirement Rage92,5,7,11,12,13,14,16,17
Hot Flashes73,10,11,16,18,19,20
Least of the East83,4,7,8,12,13,14,15
Queens of the Ice Age73,4,7,8,9,14,15,20
Golden Girls73,5,9,12,14,15,16
April 7, 20242:00pmGolden Girls 1Retirement Rage 2
 3:00pmGeri-Hatricks 3Hot Flashes 3
 4:00pmQueens of the Ice Age 1Least of the East 2
April 14, 20242:00pm Least of the East 2Hot Flashes 1
 3:00pm Queens of the Ice Age 5Golden Girls 0
 4:00pm Retirement Rage 1Geri-Hatricks 4
April 21, 20242:00pm Retirement Rage 0Queens of the Ice Age 0
 3:00pm Geri-Hatricks 5Least of the East 1
 4:00pm Hot Flashes 2Golden Girls 2
April 28, 20242:00pm Geri-Hatricks 1 Golden Girls 4
 3:00pm Hot Flashes 1Queens of the Ice Age 2
 4:00pm Retirement Rage 2Least of the East 1
May 5, 20242:00pm Least of the East 1Golden Girls 0
 3:00pm Queens of the Ice Age 1Geri-Hatricks 1
 4:00pm Hot Flashes 2 Retirement Rage 1
May 12, 20242:00pm Hot Flashes 1Geri-Hatricks 5
 3:00pm Retirement Rage 2Golden Girls 0
 4:00pm Least of the East 0Queens of the Ice Age 1
May 19, 2024   
  No Games 
May 26, 20242:00pm Hot Flashes 1Least of the East
 3:00pm Queens of the Ice Age 1Golden Girls 2
 4:00pm Retirement Rage 3Geri-Hatricks 4
June 2, 20242:00pm Queens of the Ice Age 0Retirement Rage 3
 3:00pm Least of the East 2 Geri-Hatricks 3
 4:00pm Hot Flashes 0 Golden Girls 2
June 9, 20242:00pm Golden Girls 1Geri-Hatricks 4
 3:00pm Queens of the Ice Age 6Hot Flashes 1
 4:00pm Least of the East 3Retirement Rage 3
June 16, 20242:00pm Golden Girls 2Least of the East 0
 3:00pm Retirement Rage 2Hot Flashes 2
 4:00pm Geri-Hatricks 2 Queens of the Ice Age 2
June 23, 20242:00pm Golden GirlsHot Flashes
 3:00pm Retirement RageLeast of the East
 4:00pm Geri-HatricksQueens of the Ice Age