Women’s 45+ Hockey League

Welcoming back our returning players and welcoming all new players for the 2024 season!


2pm Golden Girls (5th) vs. Hot Flashes (6th)

3pm Retirement Rage (3rd) vs. Least of the East (4th)

4pm Geri-Hatricks (1st) vs. Queens of the Ice Age (2nd)

Who can join the league?

This is a not-for-profit league welcoming female-identified individuals aged 45+ or older who did not play organised hockey growing up.

Exceptions can be made for those 40-45 and those who recently graduated from a learn-to-play programs. But priority goes to those 45+.

There will be 6 teams this year. 2024 is our 3rd year of operation.

Location & Times

MLS Arena (Danforth Rd/St Clair)  in Scarborough. Google Map Location Click here

Sunday afternoons starting April 7 – June 23, 2024 @ 2pm, 3pm and 4pm – 6 teams.

No games on Victoria Day long weekend or Pride Weekend.


$250 ($23/game), taxes and insurance included. Payments are to be sent via e-mail transfer to payment@hockey45.ca

What is new for 2024?

  1. Lower fees – It was $280 last year for 10 games. It is $250 this year for 11 games. Main reason being no need to print jerseys for this year.

2. Half Season signup – there are several people who are asking if they can share a spot because they cannot commit to a full season. If you don’t have someone, we can try to pair you up with someone and split the costs. This is not guaranteed but I will reserve 6 spots for shared players. Each person needs to play at least 4 games.

What was the reason for starting this league?

A few higher end women’s leagues in the city have shuttered over the last few years (True North, Newtonbrook Women’s League, Hockey Extreme Fall women’s league, Ladybugs, Pickering Women’s Hockey League, etc.) and younger players have started joining the remaining rec leagues in the city. While we fully recognise that younger women have the right to play hockey, we do not have the skill or fortitude to keep up with them. This league is for women who realise that they are not as fast anymore but still want to enjoy the game.